1. Describe the origin, purpose, and features of HTML

Tim Berners-Lee developed the Hypertext Markup Language also known as the HTML. The purpose for it is to display different graphics on the web page to help display information via graphic, pictures, or other media driven elements.

2. Describe the software needed to create and test web pages

There is not specific software needed to create a web page. All that is needed is the text editor, for example Notepad++. But to test the web page all that is needed is any internet browser.

3. Describe the purpose of the head and body of a web page.

The head and body of a web page informs the viewer exactly what is on the web page. The head is the title of the page and the body is the information elaborating what the title is about.


1. Describe the features of a heading element and how it configures the text.

The features of the heading element are in 6 different levels. These levels allow users to choose whatever font sizes they want displayed on their web pages. The levels are marked as H1-H6, H1 being the largest font size.

2. Describe the difference between ordered lists and unordered list

The difference between an ordered list and an unordered list is how they are list on the web page. Unordered list use symbols such as bullets to display the list. Ordered list show numbers or lettering bullets to display its list.

3. Describe the purpose of a blockquote element

The blockquote element is used to display long text within the web page using indentions to the left and the right.


1. Describe the purpose of special characters

The purpose for special characters is so that the user can put symbols such as a right single quotation mark, long dash, or the copyright symbol on the web page.

2. Describe when to use an absolute link. Is the http protocol used in the href value?

The absolute link is the source of the web page or URL you want to copy onto your web page. Yes, the http protocol is used in the href value

3. Describe when to use a relative link. Is the http protocol used in the href value?

Relative links are used when you link to web pages within your site. No, http links are not used in this protocol.

Web Research

1. http://www.tutorialspoint.com/html5/ 2. This web page looks like it is for the intermediate level people 3.No, because for a beginner it is hard to navigate the page. 4. I learned that there are new features coming out with the HTML5 web pages, like new and improved audio and video us. I also learned that the HTML5 element "canvas" gives you an easy and powerful way to draw graphics using JavaScript.