Check point 2.1

1. HTML is the set of markup symbols or codes placed in a file that is intended for display on a webpage.HTML can be utilized to place media on a web page.
2. No special software is needed to create a webpage doucment; all you need is a text editor.
3. The head section containts information that describes the web page doucment. The body section contains the acutal tags, text and etc.

Check point 2.2

1. Heading are organized into six levels. From H1 being the bigger font, to H6 being the smallest font.
2. Ordered list can be organized by the of numerals, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and etc. While unordered list can't, only does it by bullets.
3. It is utilized to display a block of quoted text in a certain way. (Intended from both the left and right margins)

Check point 2.3

1. Special characters are useful to insert characters like the copyright, quotation marks, and etc.
2. Absolute Hyperlink: The absolute location of a resource. The href value is utlized in the homepage and domain name
3. Relative Hyperlink: Is to link web pages within your site. The href value is not required.

Web Research

2.This website is mostly focused on beginners
3. If an individual is really trying to learn HTML 5, then I strongly recommend this website.
4. The tags portray information in an organized through setting them in rows and/or columns
Valid HTML 5.0