Homework 3

Checkpoint 2.1

  1. Tim Berner's lee developed HTML using standard generalized Markup Language. The purpose of HTML is to display information in webpage with the help of markup symbol. Features include manipulatin of text and images to display in webpage on how the user want it to be displayed.
  2. Notepad or Notepad++ can be used to create and web browser to test web pages.
  3. Head section describes the title and style of the webpage. Body section contains the content of the webpage

Checkpoint 2.2

  1. Heading element displays the text in different size with bold font weight. The text contained within a heading element is rendered as block of text by browser.
  2. Unordered list displays bullet or list marker before each entry in the list. Ordered list displays number or letter marker for each entry in the list.
  3. Blockquote element is used to insert quote or change text to quote in webpage.

Checkpoint 2.3

  1. Special characters help the user to place special symbols like copyright, quotation mark, vertical bar in the webpage.
  2. Absolute link is used when you need to link to resources on other websites. Yes the http protocol is in the href value.
  3. When we need to link to webpages within our site, we need to use relative link. It doesn't require http protocol in the href value.

Web Exercises

  1. https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming/
  2. Yes it is geared towards both level.
  3. I would recommend it because it approaches the topic without complicating it and also has many interactive examples.
  4. Body background and image insertion
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