What is the Progressive Dinner?
The Progressive Dinner was designed to showcase Lamoni's local restaurants! We wanted Graceland students to recognize how close our campus was to a number of delicious family-owned restaurants. We recognized that there was a need for our students to eat local and to put money back into the Lamoni Community. Through a walking tour, our students are able to sample a dish from each restaurant while meeting the restaurant owners and hearing about their businesses.
Our second stop is Pierce's Dairy Cup, an outdoor restaurant that caters to the classic American tastes we love. At Pierce's we will sample his famous fries and he will coupons for you to use on your next visit.
Our third stop is at La Cocina Real, the local authentic Mexican restaurant in town. Each student can meet Miguel, the owner, and eat some delicious tacos from his taco bar.
Our final stop is at our iconic Pizza Shack restaurant. Students will enjoy meeting with James, the new owner, and chowed down on a variety of dessert pizzas!