Bryce Anderson
Homework Assignment 3


  1. Tim Burner-Lee created HTML using Standerd Generalized Markup Language. HTML's purpose is to tell the web browser software how to display and manage web documents. It features a set of Markup symbols that identify structual and visual elements of the file.

  2. The software needed to create and test a web page is a Text Editor, such as Notepad ++, and the ost popular Web Browsers, like Google CHrome, Microsft Egde, and Apple Safari.

  3. The purpose of the Head section of the code is to decribe the web page document and the title. The Body's purpose is to contain the elements that will be displayed diredctly on the browser window.


  1. The heading elements has 6 different sizes to choose from. The elements will contain a text block then be read as a specific font size and with white spaces above and below. When used correctly it shows the outline of the webpage and the topics with in it and each section.

  2. The difference between ordered and unordered lists are the use of a numbering and/or lettering system by one and a bullet or list marker system for the other.

  3. The blockquote element is used to show quoted text in a special way on your web page


  1. The purpose of special characters is to allow the creator of a web page to use symbols like quotations and © .

  2. The creator of a web page uses an absolute link to link to other websites. The http protocol is used in the href value.

  3. The creator of a web page would use a Relative Hyperlink to link pages within th website. The http protocol is not used in the href value.

Web Research

  1. HTML5 Tutorial
  2. I think this tutoial is geared towards both beginner and intermediate level writers.

  3. I would recommend this to others because it has an overview of HTML creation and allows you to skip to the sections you need.

  4. Two things I learned about are the table tag and the layout of a web page using div.