Checkpoint 2.1

  1. Describe the origin, purpose and features of HTML?
  2. Describe the software needed to create and test web pages?
  3. Describe the purpose of the head and body sections of a web page?
  1. Tim Berners-Lee developed HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) using SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language).
    HTML is an markup language that describes the web pages.Like the WEB itself, HTML is in a constant state of change.
    HTML is the set of markup symbols or codes who identify structural elements such as: paraghraps, headings and lists placed in a file that is intended for display on a web page.
    HTML can also be used to place media(such as graphics, video and audio) on a web page and describe fill-in forms.
    Some of HTML features are:XML(eXtensible Markup Language), XHTML(eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) and HTML5.
  2. There is no special software needed to create a web page document.All we need is a text editor.Microsoft Windows works with Notepad.MacBook works with TextEdit.
  3. Web page is splited in two sections: head and body.In the head section we include title of the web page, meta tags that describe the document.The title bar is the first element
    in the head section and configures the text that will appear in the title bar of the browser window.The body section starts with images,videos,paragraphs etc, and it contain elements
    and text that will be desplayed on web page. The purpose of body section is to configure the contest of the web page.

Checkpoint 2.2

  1. Describe the features of a heading element and how it configures the text?
  2. Describe the difference between ordered lists and unordered lists?
  3. Describe the purpose of the blockquote element?
  1. Heading elements are organized into six levels:h1 through h6. The text contained within a heading element is rendered as a "block" of text by the browser and desplays with emty
    space above and below.The size of the text is largest for h1 and smallest for h6.
  2. There are a lot of difference between these two lists. Starting from the way ordered list who starts with ol and unordered list start with ul.
    Ordered list uses numbers before text. Ordered list can be organized by the use of numerals, uppercase or lowercase letters.
    Unordered list desplays a bullet or a list makes before each entry in the list.
  3. The blockquote element is used to display a block of quoted text in a special way--indented from both the left and right margins. A block of indented text begins with a

    tag at the end with a

Checkpoint 2.3

  1. Describe the purpose of special characters?
  2. Describe when to use an absolute link. Is the http protocol used in the href value?
  3. Describe when to use a relative link. Is the http protocol used in the href value?
  1. The purpose os special characters is in order to use special symbols sych as quotation marks, the greater-than sign , the less-than sign and the copyright symbol
    in our web page document we can use characters. For example; for copyright is - © -, for quotation mark is - " -, for ampersand is - & - etc.
  2. When we want to link to recourses in our web-site we use absolute hyperlink. An absolute link indicates the absolute location of a resource on the Web. The href value for an absolute
    hyperlink to the hime page of a website includes http:// protocol name and domain name.
  3. If we want to link to another document in the same directory, we don't need to write out the full URL. All we need to use is the name of the file. So basically we use them when we need to
    link to web link to web pages within our website. The href value does not begin with the http:// protocol and domain name.

Web Research:

  1. What is the URL of the website?
  2. Is the tutorial geared toward the beginner level, intermediate level, or both ways?
  3. Would you recommend this site to others? WHy or why not?
  4. List one or two concepts that you learned from this tutorial?
  1. URL is the global address od documents on the World Wide Web. For example, www.w3schools.com is a URL.
  2. I think it's both ways, because in my opinion there are some stuff that might be a little dificult.
  3. I would recommend this site to others because it's very fun to work with and so much to do. With this site you can make presenations, your own website and so many others things.
  4. I have learned how to create a simple website and what can I use it for.
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