Checkpoint 2.1

1)The origin and where html all started was created by Tim Berners-Lee who used Standard Generalized Markup Language
which created html. HTML is simply the world wide web that is made up of files that contain html. The purpose
of html is codes or symbols that are shown on a web page. Each code and symbol have opening tags and closing tags
that are usually used with < or > type of symbols.

2) The software that is needed to create a web page is . There are two ways to test
your web page. One way is by simply getting onto any web browser but mainly Windows Explorer, File Explorer, Or Finder.
Typing in your index.html page and it should show up. Another way is too open your browser Select File> Open >
> Browse. Then go to your index.html file Click on it and then follow with the OK button.

3) The main purpose for a head section is because it describes the web document by information. The body
section is the images, text, tags, and other things displayed on the browser web page.

Checkpoint 2.2

1)The features of a heading element is the font sizes. There are six levels ranging from h1 through h6.
If you want your text to be as large as it get's you should use h1. Smallest being h6.

2)The difference between ordered list and unordered list is that ordered list show numbers or letters.
where unordered list is labeled with bullets before each entry list.

3) The purpose of a blockquote is just used to show a block of quoted text in a specific way.

Checkpoint 2.3

1) Special characters purpose is just so you can use the copyright symbol, greater than sign, less than sign,
and quotation marks.

2)When you use a absolute link you use the hyperlink to show the location of a resource on the web.
and Yes, the http protocol is used in the href value.

3) You use a relative link when you need to link to certain web pages in your site. and No,
does not use the http in the href value.

Web Research


2)Beginner level

3)Yes, because it's super simple, and easy to explain.

4)Building a website with easy steps to take. Also HTML5 isn't rocket science it's quit simple to learn. HW03