Checkpoint 2.1

1.The purpose of HTML is create web pages and apps, originated in 1993, and allows you to render images and words into web pages.
2.No special software is needed, a text editor is all. When you test it, you'll use any major browser.
3.The body contains whats in the document, and the head is the tile about the contents.

Checkpoint 2.2

1.There are 6 levels of headings, turns the text block, displays with empty space above and below.
2.Unordered lists diplay bullets or list makers before each entry in the list, whereas orderd uses lists on web pages to orgainze the information.
3.It can be used to indent paragraphs, but the correct use would be only for displaying large blocks of quoted text.

Checkpoint 2.3

1.Special Characters are used when you want to include things like quotation marks and other entity characters.
2.Shows the absolute lovation of a web resource. Yes Href Value.
3.You use a relative when you need to link web pages within your site. Yes Href value.

Web Research

b.For people who know very little.
c.Yes, it is a very simple site, and shows the very basic ways to use it.
d.I liked how they showed to do a dropdown link.