Bret Remmengā

Aspen Trees

Everytime somebody says to me, "Hey Bret, what's your favorite species of tree?", the only thing I have to say is, "Aspen Trees!" In honor of the Aspen's astonishing beauty and grace, I have devoted this page entirely to the Aspen.

      The Aspen is in fact, contrary to poular belief, not a single species of tree. It is actually a name used for a group of trees belonging to the Populus section, which in turn belongs to the Poplar genus. Aspens are known for small, usually rounded, delicate leaves, and their tall, slim yet strong white trunks. They have come to be known as "Quaking Aspens", as their small leaves are attached so fragilely, when the wind blows upon the tree, the leaves quake ever so comfortably. In my oppinion, the Aspen is the best of all trees, and if you disagree, sorry... You're wrong.      A young yet handsome Aspen, relaxing near a pond.
 These mature Aspens are just hanging out by a house, making all the Oaks and Pines jealous.  And the wind, full of wantonness, wooes like a lover The young aspen-trees til they tremble all over.
~Moore-Lalla Rookh. Light of the Harem.
This posse of great Aspens look down upon the photographer, demonstrating their immense sovereignty
   A grand golden Aspen, showing it's great power before the rest of the awestruck wood.     A marvelous team of Aspens, marching through an astonishing landscape, showing their wonder to any and all onlookers. On a Thursday they are still green; on a Sunday, they are golden. The leaves range from citron to copper, saffron to gilt, glowing with light.
~Ann Zwinger
               These Aspens show their strentgh and tenacity while all the other trees are weakened by the snow.  These Aspens welcome travelers to a secretive road. If Lamoni had a road like this, I would drive on it everyday.

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