Bret Remmengā

About me, Bret Austin Remmengā

Here, on this very page, I will provide vital information concerning myself.
I will start off with... A biography.
That's my biography
I was born in a hospital in Overland Park, Kansas, a beginning fit only for someone as great as I. My parents, Kurt, (my father), and Danise, (my mother), along with my two older sisters, Chelsey, (the oldest one), and Stephanie, (the
younger,Overland Park regional Medical, the building in which I was born. but still older than me, one), and I lived there in Kansas for a few years. We then moved to Aledo, Texas, as my father was in the Marine Corps, and he had been restationed. Although we only lived there for about five short years, it still remains to this day my favorite home and location. In 2001, my father retired form the Corps, and we moved to Lamoni, Iowa, as he had been offered a job at Graceland University. My mother also got a job at the university. I qucikly discovered how much nothing happened in Lamoni, and for the next ten years, nothing happened. On May 22, 2011, I graduated from Lamoni High School, as my sisters had already done years before. I then proceeded to go to Graceland University, where I am now having a jolly old time.
The Administration building, the most prominent structure at Graceland. So, basically, at the time that this was written, I am 18 years old, am a freshman on Closson House at Graceland, I have a family, and said family has six total dogs, two being my own personal pets.

In order to provide my self with some entertainment, I enjoy spending quality time with my friends, listening to music, driving my dark green 1998 Honda Accord around, and playing video games. Unfortunately, I still get bored very easily.
This is my family, Stephanie, myself, Chesley, my mom Danise, and my dad, Kurt. Good folks. My family
Closson house This is most of Closson House. These guys have become like my second family. Also good folks.

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