Bret Remmengā

Favorite Sites

These websites are sites that I peronally use on a fairly frequent basis. These links are for my ease and convenience, but you can use them too.

Wikipedia Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, cataloguing pretty much anyhing I would ever want to know, which is why this is one ofmy all-time favorite sites, boh for entertainment and learning.
Facebook Facebook is a social networking site that too many people spend too much time on. Of course, I use it a very regular basis.
Google Google is a pretty neat search engine, that helps to find things. I like to find things, so I use Google.
Google Images Google Images is a lot like Google, it finds things. But unlike Google, instead of the things it finds being websites, it finds pictures! Very good!
Youtube Youtube is a very handy site. It has over twenty different videos, created and submitted by normal people, just like you! I enjoy this site for the vast collection of videos. Quality stuff.
MSN MSN has current news, and other entertaining articles to read. What's not to love?
My Graceland Now, My Graceland may not be one of my favorite sites, but it is one one of my most used sites. It contains of my collegiate information, such as schedules and homework.
Graceland email This is where I can access my Graceland e-mail. Again, not necessarily a favorite, but I use it fairly often for, well, e-mials.
Newgrounds Newgrounds has a large assortment of games and videos made by human beings. Some of these games and videos are entertaining, and high qualiy, while some are just terrible. This website easily kills my boredom for a few minutes.
Weather shows the weather in a specified location... That's about it, though.
Fill It I heavily enjoy this game. The website has a fair amount of decent games, but I have some sore of addiction to this one in particular.
CSIT 1060 This is my file, containing the different exercises and projects I worked on during my Intro to Web Page Programming class, Winter Term, 2012!

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