Oscar Chang

Graceland University


Spring 2014 Schedule
Time/Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 AM ACCT 2310 Work ACCT 2310 Work ACCT 2310
10 AM CSIT 2100 CSIT 2100 CSIT 2100
11 AM CSIT 1200 CSIT 1200 CSIT 1200
12 PM Lunch
1 PM
2 PM MATH 1350 CSIT 3400 MATH 1350 CSIT 3400 MATH 1350
3 PM CSIT 1300 CSIT 3400 CSIT 1300 CSIT 3400 CSIT 1300
4 PM Tennis || Free
5 PM Tennis || Dinner
6 PM
7 PM Tennis || Free
    Class     Practice/Work     Free     TBC
ACCT2310 - Financial Accounting
An introduction to the study of accounting dealing with the preparation and analysis of the balance sheet, income statement, and related accounting records.

CSIT1200 - Data Structures
Continuation of CSIT1100 with emphasis on more advanced programming that involves classic data structures such as arrays, dictionaries, linked lists, queues, stacks and tress. Recursive techniques and efficiency considerations will also be covered.

CSIT1300 - Unix and Linux Systems
An introduction to Linux, a Unix based operating system that is predominantly known for its use in serves on the Internet and small computing devices. Through extensive practice students will become familiar with Unix shell commands, utilities and file organization on a server account. Students will also do a local Linux installation and some basic systems administration tasks.

CSIT2100 - Intermediate Programming Visual Basic
Intermediate-level programming using a specific programming language, tool-set, methodology, or genre such as COBOL, C++, PHP, Ajax, debuggers, etc. May be repeated if the content is different. Scheduled course title and transcript listing will include the programming language or topic.

CSIT3400 - Programming Languages
A study of programming language concepts across a wide variety of computer languages object-oriented languages and web-programming languages. A survey of specific languages will be studied and programming projects in several of them will be done.

MATH1350 - Discrete Mathematics
A survey of topics in discrete mathematics: mathematical induction, set theory, determinants/matrices, combinatorics, graph theory, Boolean algebra.