Homework 3

Checkpoint 2.1

  1. HTML is used for describing structures and presentations of information via the internet. Its also there to provide a set of general that tell how content should look when its rendered.
  2. The software you will need to build a website are text editor, web browser, and FTP client. its also recommended that if you want web design youll need a graphics editor.
  3. the head element is data about data. the information that is put inside this section of a web page is not displayed directly. Instead the elements like style affect the appearance of the other elements. So items in the head section are used by programs to learn more about the page. The body element will have text visibility unlike the head. In the body is where all the other elements are such as the text, styles, paragraphs, and links.
  4. Checkpoint 2.2

    1. .Heading elements are used to make web pages more accessible.There are six levels from h1 through h6 for sizes of headers.All text contained within heading tags is displayed with bold font weight.The heading tags are part of body section and we can’t use on the head section.
    2. The ordered list uses numbers before the text and starts with ol. Ordered list can be organized by the use of numerals,uppercases,lowercase letters. An unordered list use a dot as the default list item marker,or bullet which can be a square or circle.It starts with ul and ends with a closed off ul.
    3. The block quote element is used to display a block of a quoted text in a special way from both the left and right margins. Another purpose of a block quote element is only for displaying large blocks of quoted text within a web page.
    4. Checkpoint 2.3

      1. The purpose of special character is for us to use special symbols in our web page like: quotation marks,the greater than or less than sign,nonbreaking space.
      2. The absolute link indicates the absolute location of a resource on the Web.We use hyperlink when we need to link to resources on other websites and the href value for an absolute hyperlink to the home page of a website includes http:// protocol name,and domain name.
      3. Relative hyperlink are used when we need to link to web pages within the websites. The href for a relative hyperlink does not begin with the http:// and does not include domain name.
      4. Web research

        1. http://www.html-5-tutorial.com/
        2. Its guided towards beginners.
        3. I think i would recommend this just so peopls can read it and get a feel as to what web programming needs to be a succesful web page.
        4. first impressions are critical on web pages, and also web pages look best when you keep it simple.
        5. Valid HTML 5.0