With Pokemon: Sun and Moon on the horizon, many authorities on the franchise (anime experts,
TCG gurus, battle analysts, and multitudes of Youtubers who discuss the world of pokemon for
a living) are speculating on what we shall see in these games coming out at the end of 2016.
I have examined many different hypotheses on what the generation's starter shall be. Just for
you I have prepared a statement of my own, describing what I expect to see in the next game,
that is to say, what starters we may say. Click on the dancing Pokemon below to see the predictions
Venusaur, the Dab Master, will lead you to the grass starter. Elton John Blastoise will take you
to the water starter obviously. Charizard, AKA "DADDY", will link you to the fire starter. I will
preface this by saying I do not own the fan made art you will see. All the predictions I have made
are purely my opinion and are not based on actual reported evidence from Game Freak or Nintendo,
proliferators of official updates on the games.

Also, for those seeking to satiate their Pokemon fix I have included links to the right of the
screen. Sites for online battling, updates on the next generation, databases, etc. are displayed to
the right. Serebii is a compendium of Pokemon knowledge and Showdown is a battle simulator. ENJOY!!!

venusaur blastoise charizard

Grass Starters for Sun and Moon Water Starters for Sun and Moon Fire Starters for Sun and Moon