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Professor Oak's FAQ

Whether you are unacquainted with the Pokemon universe or you are well-educated, it would be
fair to say that we all have questions. Life is ambiguous, and yet we race on trying to find
a purpose. Pokemon, a world that has spanned generations and expanded to gargantuan size, is
full of equivocalities. In an attempt to impart knowledge to you I have brought I have brought
in the illustrious Professor Oak to handle this FAQ. Without further adieu, let's attend to the
questions that people like you are wanting to know.

How many Zubats are too many?
Don't ride your bike indoors!

What is the strongest Pokemon in existence?
Good question. In all my years I have never encountered a Pokemon more terrifying than a Delibird
What is he keeping in his devious little sack? Goodies? A portal to a horrific demon realm?
A terrible beast indeed. delibird

What do you think of your fellow Pokemon professors? What about Professor Elm, Birch, or
the lovely Miss Juniper?
When did we start letting women do the professor thing?

Which Pokemon is the cutest? There are so many out there, how can you decide upon one?
Skitty. Most definitely. Ever seen one? Your body has no room for its cuteness.
Involuntary convulsions from prolongued Skitty exposure have been reported.

You do know that you have been encouraging 10 year olds to run away from home
and supplying them with the materials to achieve this, right? What do you have
to say about this?
Why do you ask? Are you 10 years old and seeking to embark on a Pokemon journey
of your own? If so I got da hookups, brotha.