Checkpoint 2.1

Describe the origin,purpose and features of HTML
HTML comes from the web, HTML is intended for display on a web page. The markup symbols and codes are ment for
structural elements as well describe fill-in forms. HTML's have elements or tags usually enclosed by <>.

Describe the software needed to create and test web pages
No special software is needed, just a text editor. Test web pages using popular browsers.

Describe the purpose of the head and body sections of a web page.
Headings describe the document and bodies provide the information for the page.

Checkpoint 2.2

Describe the features of a heading element and how it configures the text
The heading size can range anywhere from h1 being the largest and h6 being the smallest. H2,3,4 and 5 range inbetween.

Describe the difference between ordered lists and unordered lists.
Ordered lists usually follow a number or letter system, unordered use bullet points or symbols.

Describe the purpose of the blockquote element.
Blockquote is used to indent the text from both sides.

Checkpoint 2.3

Describe the purpose of special characters.
Special characters are made to show copyright and ownerships.

Describe when to use an absolute link. Is the http protocol used in the href vale?
Use when you need to link to resources on other webpages. Yes the http protocol is used.

Describe when to use a relative link. Is the http protocol used in the href value?
Relative links are used to link to web pages within a site. The http is not used.

Web Research

What is the URL of the website?
HTML5 Tutorial

Is the tutorial geared toward the beginner level, intermediate level, or both levels?
The tutorial is geared for beginners.

Would you reccommend this site to others? Why or why not?
Yes, I would definitely recommend this site. It was very easy to understand and broke down every component.

List one or two things you learned from this tutorial.
I learned that WHATWG is also in charge of developing HTML5 as well as W3C. I also learned you can right click on
any site and click on View Page Source and you can see the make up of any website.