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I'm originally from Ankeny, Iowa wich is near the middle of the state. I have spent most of my time living in a small town known as Truro, Iowa. Which is only about an hour away from Lamoni. Most of my schooling was done through the Interstate-35 schooling system. Yes, like the road, and no I did go to school in the median of the interstate.

I am a freshman at Graceland University currently studying for a major in Business Administration. I chose Graceland becuase it just felt like the place that I would fit in the best. No other college that I visited really felt like I could be successful there. Graceland stood out among the rest because it just instantly felt right. I have greatly enjoyed my time here and I am very excited to be here for another three years.

I can't say that I am the most outgoing person, but I do like meeting new people and trying things that I don't have much experience in, which is the reason I took the Intro to Web Page Programming class. I am a person that likes to challenge myself, and this class seemed like a class that would really test me, because I am not the greatest with computers. I knew this class would be a difficult one for me, but I like to challenge myself to see how far I am willing to go to succeed.

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