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Course Name Days Length
Principles of Microeconomics Mon., Wed., Fri. 9:00a.m-9:50a.m
English Literature 1800-1919 Mon., Wed., Fri. 1:00p.m-1:50p.m
Speech Communication-An Intro Mon., Wed., Fri., 3:00p.m-3:50p.m
Enactus Mon., Wed. 3:00p.m-3:50p.m
World Civilizations II Tue., Thurs. 9:30a.m-10:45a.m
Math for Decision Making Tue., Thurs. 11:00a.m-12.15a.m

*As you may have noticed, Enactus and Speech are scheduled at the same time. That is because that is when the original Enactus class takes place, but there will be an alternate class option. So I will not have two classes at the same time.

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