Homework 03


1.HTML is the markup symbols or codes placed in a file to dislplay on a web page. Together the codes and symbols make structural elements such as paragraphs, headings, and lists.
2. You do not need any special software for creating, just a text editor. For testing web pages you will need the most popular browsers to see the layout in each.
3.The head section serves the purpose of containing elements such as the title of the web page, meta tags that describe the document, and references to scripts and styles.
The body section contains text and elements which are directly displayed on the web page.


1.The heading elements are organized into six levels: h1-h6. H1 has the biggest size of text, while h6 has the smallest.
2. Ordered Lists are organized by numbers and letters in a specific order, while Unordered Lists are displayed by a bullet or marker.
3. The Blockquote element is used to display a block or quoted text in a specific way, intended from both the left and right margins.


1. Special Characters alow you to use special symbols such as quotation marks, greater-than and less-than symbols.
2. Absolute Links should be used when you need to link a resource from another website. The http protocal is used in the href value.
3. relative Links should be used when you need to link to web pages within your site, and the http protocal is not used in the href value.

Web Tutorial

a.HTML5 Tutorial: Audio and Video
b.the tutorial is part of a six part series for beginners.
c. I would recommend this tutorial, being able to see the steps as well ad hear them described helped me learn it better. It was also very helpful in showing how to add some
more creative elements to web pages.
d. Source elements are in between the audio tags. Multiple audio files can be placed and if the browser can't play one file, it will automatically play the next one.

Valid CSS!

Valid HTML 5.0