Hey kids, Deadpool here. Welcome to my page! Hope you enjoy your stay. This bum better do a good job describing me and my story. Between you and me, if he sucks, you can go see my movie that came out on February 12 this year! Don't bring your kids though, my movie is for adults only. Okay, now here's this sap.


Uh, thanks Deadpool. *ahem* Wade Winston Wilson was diagnosed with cancer. His life, as he saw it, was over. He ended his relationship with his girlfriend, deciding to not make her live with a terminally ill man. But fate had other plans for Wade, plans that didn't involve death. He was approached and offered a way to have his cancer cured. Unfortunately, it's not a fairytale story. Upon arrival, Wade discovered that the place he was sent, the Weapon X program, was not a charitable organization. Instead, Wade was tortured with cruel experimentations. Long story short, by the end of it all, Wade was infused with a healing factor that rivals Wolverine's. Science! Did they at least cure his cancer? Kind of. His healing factor destroys it as fast as it forms, so technically he still has cancer, it just won't ever be able to kill him. Also, his face now looks like something akin to Freddy Krueger, as if he was biten by a radioactive Shar Pei.


Taking the name Deadpool from the Weapon X facility's inmate-death lottery, Wade now has the powers of a superhero. These powers include:

On top of his powers, Deadpool is a well trained assassin and mercenary, possessing great skill with a wide variety of weapons. Some would argue his greatest weapon is his tongue, as he was given the nickname: The Merc with the Mouth. But his most unique power is that he can break the fourth wall. Deadpool possesses the unique awareness of whatever medium he is in, be it comic books, video games, or movies. He already knows he's in this web page, as you saw at the start. What makes this ability so funny is that Deadpool is the only one that possess it. All of the other Marvel characters just dismiss his talking-to-no-one as him being a little crazy.


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