Moon Knight

Once a U.S. Marine, briefly a CIA operative, then a mercenary, Marc Spector was on an assignment in Africa. Working with his friend, Jean-Paul DuChamp "Frenchie," fell in with the crew of Raoul Bushman. Marc never agreed with Bushman's methods, and found himself questioning his chosen life more and more. Bushman's ferocious assault and slaughter of the town Selima and his murder of Dr. Alraune made Marc decide he had seen enough. Buying time for Frenchie to take the doctor's daughter Marlene to safety, Marc attack Bushman. Bushman beat him severely and left him to die in the sands of the desert. With what strength he had, Marc dragged himself to the tomb Dr. Alraune had unearthed previously. As fate would have it, the tomb was where Frenchie, Marlene, and the servants had retreated to. Taking him into the tomb, they witnessed Marc die at the foot of the statue of Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon.

The statue

To the shock of all present, Marc Spector rose. He had struck a deal with Khonshu. For his resurrection, Marc would serve as Khonshu's avatar, his agent of vengeance. Donning the cloak from the statue, Marc took up the title of Moon Knight. Assaulting Bushman's forces, Moon Knight successfully broke their hold over Selima, though Bushman got away and would serve as Moon Knight's greatest adversary for years to come. Due to Marc being resurrected by Khonshu, the God of the Moon, he gains powers based on the moon's phases. These include:

Whether these powers are actually granted by a god, or are just a product of mind-over-matter is something many Marvel characters have debated. One thing is consistent, no one wants to mess with Moon Knight. He doesn't always have these powers, as he is frequently "disobedient" to Khonshu and Khonshu will revoke his powers. Moon Knight arms himself with several gadgets and weapons. These range between an adamantium truncheon/staff, silver crescent darts, carbonadium armor, a moon-shaped hovercraft, crescent dart guns, grapnel gun, a glide cape, and spiked knuckles.

Moon Knight

Spector suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. With the weight of a deity settled in his mind, Marc's brain had to adapt. His mind, in essence, broke into a few parts. In addition to Marc Spector, the identities of Jake Lockley, a laid-back taxi driver, and Steven Grant, a wealthy businessman, were formed. For a time, Moon Knight used the multiple personas to gather information. Marc and Jake are the more dominant, as both have worn the cloak of Moon Knight. Identities have died and resurfaced as Moon Knight needed them, from the death of Marc leading to Jake taking command, to Moon Knight adapting the styles of Wolverine, Spider-man, and Captain America, to Marc being reborn upon returning home to complete an unfinished conflict. The plus side to his condition is that it makes him highly resistant to psychic attacks and he can "die" without actually dying. On top of his multiple personalities, Moon Knight have developed a secondary version of himself. Dubbed Mr. Knight, this version respects the law and works with the police as a detective.

Mr Knight
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