Homework 3

Checkpoint 2.1

  1. Tim Berners-Lee developed HTML as a way for web pages to display their information. The browser reads the code and displays that page due to tags used for titles, paragraphs, links, and more.
  2. All that is required to create and test a webpage is a text editor, such as Notepad++.
  3. The Head contains the title that displays on the browser tab. The Body is where the contents of the web page are displayed.

Checkpoint 2.2

  1. Heading elements are orgainzed into 7 different levels, and each level changes the size of the Heading. Example: h1 is the largest and h7 is the smallest.
  2. Ordered Lists display numbers or letters before the list items, such as this web page is using. Unordered Lists use only a bullet point or a list marker.
  3. Blockquote is used when displaying text in a special way. It indents the text on boths sides, centering it in the page.

Checkpoint 2.3

  1. Special characters are used to represent symbols of importance, such as quotation marks, ampersand, copyright, and more.
  2. Absolute links give the absolute location of a resource on the Web. They uses the http protocol and domain name.
  3. Relative links are used when you need to link to web pages within your site. They do not use the http protocol.

Web Research

  1. http://htmldog.com/guides/html/beginner/
  2. Beginner Level.
  3. Yes. With a beginner difficulty, this site is a good start for anyone.
  4. I learned how to tag an image in a web page using the img tag.
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