Checkpoint 2.1

1. HTML was developed by Tim Berners-Lee, which is used to display words and graphics on a web page.

2. 3 different types of software are needed to create and test web pages :

  • Text Editor, used to edit web page

  • FTP Software, designed to transfer files back-and-forth between two computers over the Internet.

  • Web Browser, used to view web page

  • 3. The "Head" section is used for the title of a web page, meta tags, and references to scripts and styles.

    Checkpoint 2.2

    1. Headings are used for organization and structure of a web page.

    2. Ordered list - Numbered, Unordered list - Bullet Points

    3. A "Blockquote" is used to display a block of quoted text in a special way by indenting the text on both the left and right sides.

    Checkpoint 2.3

    1. Special characters have special codes in order to use that character, HTML uses these characters in the code language.

    2. Yes, It takes you to the website that is referenced by the href that uses "http://"

    3. "Relative hyper" links take you to sites that are in the same folder as the one you are already in without putting "http://" before your link.

    Web Research

    A. KhanAcademy
    B. Beginner
    C. Yes, They have what you need in order for you to understand what HTML is all about.
    D. Styles and structure.