Week 10 1-6

  1. a) False
    b) True
    c) True
    d) True
    e) False

  2. False

  3. The variable total is initialzied to zero. Then there is a functions called collectOrder that has parameters called numOrdered. Then next, we have an if statement that checks whether the numOrdered is greater than zero. If the numordered is greater than zero we will print an alert saying the sentence you ordered and the number of orderTotal. Then orderTotal is set to five times numOrdered. The function return the value of orderTotal.

  4. Whatever keeps you strong to get up out it, we need you home
    Cause see a war's goin' on outside, I 'bout cried
    When that boy that the cops shot died, my mouth wide open from shock
    Sick and tired of hopin' it'll stop

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