A planet called Krypton was dying. So a couple of Jor-El and Lara foresaw the destruction of Krypton. They decided to send their only baby boy Kal-El to Earth in order to survive. The Ship would land in Smallville, Kansas. Where Johnathon and Martha Kent would find him and raise him as their own. Renamed Clark he would discover he had extraordinary powers beyond any human. He knew he had a purpose on why he was sent to Earth. He was sent to protect the world and keep it safe from any danger. He would be come Superman.


Superman has these amazing powers due to the yellow sun radiation exposure gives any Kryptonian these powers. A Blue sun can give him new and different powers also it enhances the powers he already has. The red sun doesn't have the radiation he needs to be powerful. It would just make him a normal human.

  • Super Strength: able to move entire planets
  • Flight
  • Super Speed: able to travel faster than the speed of light. Can cross the entire solar system in minutes. Travel through time
  • Invulnerability: withstand atomic explosion. Immune to any disease. Bullets can bounce off him.
  • Super Vision: X-ray vision and heat vision which is a stronger form of X-ray vision. Has telescopic vision and microscopic vision. He can see the full electromagnetic spectrum
  • Super Hearing
  • Super Breath: can freeze any object. can generate hurricane-force winds. can hold breath forever able to survive underwater and in space.
  • Mental Powers: has a genius-level intelligence.Can absorb a vast amount of information quickly. can also understand and speak all languages.
  • Super Hypnotism: power to hypnotize anyone. mak epeople forget incidents or obey his commands. That's how he can hide his identity.
  • Stamina: doesn't need food or water or sleep because he gets his power from the yellow sun.
  • Healing Factor: regenerate and physical damage done to him.
  • Tactile Telekinesis: he can envelope objects with an invisible telekinetic field making anything he wants indestructable. also uses this with his suit so his suit won't rip during battle.

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