Jessi Ruckman


residence life: the beginning

so far in my short span of existence, i have realized that i enjoy serving others and feeling needed as a friend or mentor. these realizations have played a huge role in my desire to become involved with the residence life program here at graceland.

residence life: house president

my junior year i became the house president of aponivi. as a house president i became a:

there were definitely times when i hated my job and wanted out, but those times were always overshadowed by the good times, like successful functions, good participation, winning flag football and fun house meetings.
it was a very tough, demanding year, but i wouldn't give it up for anything.

residence life: president of the council of house president

at the end of my year as house president, i was voted to become this years president of the council of house presidents. as the chp president i am still apart of residence life, but i also became a member of graceland's student government. this year my job duties includd:

i love my job because i get to enjoy the best of both worlds, as miley cyrus would say. i still get to work with a lot of the same awesome people as last year, plus all the super cool house presidents of this year. i also have a lot less responsibilities, which is so nice the have follow last year. the group of house presidents have bonded in such an amazing way, and they really make my job quite simple.

residence life: the future

i am looking forward to pursuing a job in residence life. although it is not an easy path to take, i feel that it is one i might belong on. i'm crossing my fingers for next year.

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