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"Football, like others, is an Honest Sport.
It's a Team Game and is True to Life"


About This Website
This website is created as a part of a required and graded school assignment. It's purpose is to inform you not only about the sport of football, but anything that is somehow connected to it. To clarify, Millions of passionate fans follow two ball sports, I'm talking about the sport that is most favorited by Americans. Usually it's confused by Soccer which is also called football and more cherished on a global scale. But Football isn't just a sport played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron. It's also not just a ball in an oval shape made of leather, there's more to it than that which this site talks about. By that, I mean anything from the popular National Football League to fun facts that may or may not seem relevant.

Local Football Teams


Why Football?
I chose to do my project on Football because it's one of my favourite sports. I played in Middle School and High School and here at Graceland, so it's something that's been a part of me for a while now. Like others, this particular sport is more than just a game to me. A lot of my favourite memories are when I was on the field or had something to do with the sport. It's also something that my family loves and enjoys. My Dad and many Uncles and Grandparents played in High School, and my brother plays currently for the High School I graduated from. It's something we all share and see as a big enjoyment in our lives. Not only playing, but watching can be fun. My favourite Team in the NFL is the San Diego Chargers, I don't remember how I became a fan exactly but as far as I can think I've been a die hard. My family on the other hand are split between 3 other teams: The Oakland Raiders - Pittsburgh Steelers - San Francisco 49er's -. So as you can see, it seemed like an easy choice.

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