HW03: Chapter 2 Questions

Due Monday, February 9.

Answer the questions to Checkpoint 2.1 on page 33 of the text.

  1. The origin of HTML starts with its developer Tim Berners-Lee. He developed HTML using standard generalized markup language (SGML). It was originally created to provide access to electronic documents via a web page. HTML is the set of markup symbols or codes placed in a file that is intended for display on a web page. These markup symbols or codes identify structural elements such as paragraph, heading, and lists. It can also be used for media. Some of its features include these markup symbols and codes because an individual can get really creative when designing their own web page.
  2. No special software is needed to create or test a web page, all you need is a text editor such as notepad (which is included with Microsoft.
  3. The head section is important because it is the info that describes the web page document. The body is usually what contains the actual tags, text and images of that web page.

Checkpoint 2.2 on page 45

  1. Some of the features of a heading element is you can change the size of the font from h1 to h6.
  2. The difference between ordered list and unordered list is the numbering system. Ordered list will put them in a list, but number them from 1 to whatever while unordered list will put them in order and substitute the numbering system with bullets or what
  3. Blockquote elements allows not. you to indent a text on both sides.

Checkpoint 2.3 on page 57

  1. These special characters are put in your coding so that when the web page is displayed; you can see the symbol you wanted. One example would be the copyright symbol, you can not put that in your notepad html creation, but replace it with a certain entity character and it will display what you want on the html.
  2. You would only use absolute links when you are trying to link to resources on other websites. And yes the http protocol is used in the href value.
  3. You use relative links when you need to link web pages within your site. And no you do not use the http protocol when using the href value.

Web Research on page 65, for the web research, you only need to complete one tutorial, but be sure to answer all 4 questions

  1. I have posted the links to the HTML5 tutorials below.
  2. These tutorials are geared more towards the intermediate level people. I mean the pictures are a basic and some descriptions are not hard to follow. But then at points you can see you that you would need a bit more than a basic understanding of web programming.
  3. I would recommend these sites because of its intermediate level, not too hard, and certainly floats between easy and medium at certain areas of the tutorial.
  4. One of things I learned is that in html5 they removed some elements but then again some look like it is been added to another element.
HTML5 Tutorial by w3schools
HTML5 Tutorials by Mozilla.org