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Garden Tips

Here are some helpful tips for anyone wanting to start gardening:

  1. Start seeds early.

    Giving seeds enough time indoors will ensure their survival when they need to be transplanted in the spring. Start early to get ahead.

    If you are buying plants, look at the blooms/foliage to make sure the one you select is healthy.

  2. Transplant using sand-dirt mixture.

    Using this mixture helps plants' roots anchor in without the unnecessary break off that comes with over-packing the soil with hands.

  3. Fertilize regularly and water smart.

    Pay attention to what kind of plat you are growing. Every plant needs a different amount of water and fertilization. Succulents, for example, don't need to be watered every day. Take time to learn about how to best care for your plant, and you will be a gardening expert!