Major Heading

Subheading with instructions below

For this exercise I want you to change the font family for all paragraphs so that they are the same, using JavaScript.

I also want you to change all line items in any unordered list so that the bullet point is a square and the text for that line item is blue. Don't change line items in ordered lists.

I want all h2 headings to have a blue colored text. For any element whose ID is banner, give it a background color of black with white text. For any element with a class of moveUp, set the top margin to -10px.


I have another list below, but it is an ordered list.

  1. Point 1
  2. Point 2
Here is a block quote. Often a block quote is in italic. Therefore, I want you to set all blockquotes in the document so that they are in italicized text.