Homework 3


1. html is used to place graphics, headings, paragraphs, and more on a webpage. It also tells a browser how to interpret a document.

2. Notepad to create the html & a basic internet browser

3. Head section has info. that describes web page document & body has actual tags, texs, or images.


1. Heading element changes the size of the text displayed.

2. Unordered list displays bullets & an ordered list displays numbers.

3. It's used to display text indented.


1. Special characters each have a code for instructing how to display the character on a page.

2. When you need to link to resources on other websites. Yes.

3. When you need a link to web pages within your site. No.

Web Research

a. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4oN4DuR7YU

b. Beginner level.

c. Yes, it's simple.

d. Nothing that I haven't learned in class.

Valid HTML 5.0