Homework 3

Checkpoint 2.1

  1. Tim Berners-Lee at CERN developed HTML using SGML. HTML is meant for display on a webpage and is the set of markup symbols or codes that are placed in a file. Paragraphs, headings, and lists are structural elements that are identified through the markup symbols and codes. HTML can also place pictures, video, and audio on a webpage. The actual browser explains the markup code and makes the page. HTML allows the platform-independent display of information across a particular network.
  2. The software to create and code web pages is not expensive. Windows and Mac have a text editor application that is apart of the system. You can also download free text editors and web browsers.
  3. The head element contains the head section. It is housed in head and a closing head. The head section contains a title element and a meta element. The body element has the body section. It starts with body and ends with a closing body. The text that you type in this section will appear directly on your web page.

Checkpoint 2.2

  1. Display headings and subheadings of documents are displayed under the heading element. The size of the heading is organized through levels 1 through 6. The text between the heading tags will be bond font and have a line break above and below them.
  2. Unordered lists contain a symbol or bullet before them on a web page. They use the ul tag. Ordered lists have number in front of them. They use the ol tag.
  3. The blockquote element is used to format a long quote. It indents a section of text on a web page. The text is indented from the left and right margins. There is also empty space above and below the text.

Checkpoint 2.3

  1. Quotation marks, greater than, less than, and copyright symbols on a web page are displayed through special characters. Special characters are recognized by the browser when the page is made.
  2. You should use an absolute link to display a web page document from a website that is not you own. The http protocol is used in the href value.
  3. You would use a relative link to display a web page document from your own website. The http protocol is not used in the href value.

Web Research

  1. http://www.html-5-tutorial.com
  2. It is geared toward the beginner level.
  3. I would recommend this site to others because it explains everything well and it is very easy to understand.
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