The Kingdom Way


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The material in this booklet is intended as an introduction to the most exciting topic that I have found within the scriptures: the Kingdom of God. For the last 20 years, since we traveled together as missionaries, both my Father and I have found that our ministry has been centered on the Kingdom and the promises of the scriptures which are introduced here. For almost as many years I have been aware of the need to write down this material so that it could be studied and considered by a wider audience. I sat down many times to start, but almost anything else takes precedence over writing in my life. Over the years, we have presented workshops which eventually took on the name "Kingdom Way Workshops," and we put together booklets of worksheets for use during those classes. We have used this material in some form for classes from Junior High to Senior Adults. However, we never developed an independently usable resource until now. It is my hope that those who will take the time to consider the scriptures that we present here will be touched by the fire of the Holy Ghost as it has touched us time and time again as we have presented this material.

The heart of the material is contained in the first 3 sections. (See the illustration for the prerequisite structure.) For personal or group scripture study, go through at least the first 3 sections thoroughly, and then start finding your own promises. If you have a 5 day camp or reunion scripture class, throw in one or two of the other sections as desired. Sections 6 and 7 are good discussion starters, and you may have some who disagree with the point of view presented. That's OK. They are mostly about our traditional terms, and people will have different perspectives on terms. What is most important about these sections is that the prophesies concerning Zion are treated with respect and brought to our consciousness.

For best results, look up each scripture. It is often more enlightening to read the scriptures in a setting where the context is available than to simply accept the parts that have been dug out for you.

I have tried to copy the scriptural texts verbatim, including wording, spelling, and punctuation whenever possible. Bible verses are quoted from the Inspired Version of the Bible, with references to the King James versification included in parentheses wherever there is a difference. For example, Matthew 6:38 (33) indicates that the verse is quoted as found in the 38th verse in the Inspired Version. The corresponding verse in the King James or other versions of the Bible is verse 33. Many times the text will be essentially or even exactly the same, but sometimes comparing several versions is a useful exercise.

Table of Contents

  1. The Words of Christ
  2. The Keys of the Kingdom
  3. Finding the Promises
  4. About God's Promises
  5. The Promises and Repentance
  6. The Kingdom and Zion
  7. More on the Kingdom and Zion
  8. The Kingdom and the Church

Last Update: June 3, 1996
Ronald K. Smith
Graceland College
Lamoni, IA 50140