The women of the twenties dressed less conservatively than their predecessors. They wore sports-wear,
and their dresses were often short with pleats, gathers, or slits. Tops were much less restrictive, and a "womanly figure"
was dropped for a more boyish look. Hair cuts such as the bob were characteristic of the flapper girls.
Shoes were often picked for a blend of style, comfort, and how difficult they would be to dance in.
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The men of the twenties began to wear less formal suits and more athletic outfits. Jacket styles became shorter and ties became
very popular. Pants became baggier for comfort, and sleeves did not taper toward the ends. Men began wearing more headwear,
and the style of the hat often correlated to class status. Rich men wore homburgs or top hats, middle class sported fedoras or
trilbys, and the working class wore standard newsboy caps.
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