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Science and Technology

Villagers using solar panels for electricity Science and technology is the backbone of the development and civilization of a country. It's foundation lies over science and technology education, which was laid in 1919 A.D. at intermediate level for the first time in Nepal. The Bachelor level study was started following the interest of the students and the demand of the country in 1945 A.D. and later in 1965 A.D. The post graduate level study was started in some areas of science and technology in Tribhuvan University. The higher education in technical fields such as engineering, medical, agriculture, forestry, etc. was started later in 1970's. The applied sciences like biotechnology, biochemistry, generics, microbiology, environmental science etc. were started after 1990's. At present different universities and institutions are offering general and technical education ranging from intermediate, bachelor, master, master of philosophy, to doctor of philosophy studies.

The advancement of science and technology is being adopted through national policy. It is placed at the top priority by the government with moral, material and financial provisions. At present, the basic areas of science and technology are agriculture, forests, medical science, minerals, energy, archeology, electronics, information technology etc. National scientific human resource is being encouraged along with the international technology. Learning and importing of the technology should is being adopted for the exploration of industrialization of the country.

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