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My Grandma Betty

A grandmother's love is un-ending. She loves many, cares for most, and will do just about anything for anyone. My cake baking and decorating skills all started in my Grandma Betty's kitchen. From rolling cookie dough balls to helping make Chistmas candy, Grandma taught me how to do it all. I held my first decorator bag at two-years-old. Grandma let me practice on her cookie sheets for years and taught me how to make borders, designs, fonts, and so much more.

State SAE Ag Sales Entreprenuership

I learned from her for many years until I started 4-H. Then I started learning from my judges and the people around me. My skills were great and I had many cakes that made it to State Fair and earned many blue ribbons. When I entered highschool, I entered FFA. In four years, I went from making cakes for just family to making cakes as a business. In my Senior year of highschool I received the second place plaque in the Agriculture Sales Entreprenuership SAE at the state level for my cake business.

My Mom and I

Last fall I became a student at Graceland University. I have kept my cake business strong even though I am very busy with school work, student life, and cheerleading. I am very involved in my college and am anticipating the summer when I will be working for the Decatur County 4-H Extension Office through AmeriCorps.

Business Card
My Personal Business Card
It is my dream to one day own a homegrown bridal business. I would like to call it Truly Blessed Occasions, because I would love to do other events in addition to weddings. I hope to specialize in cakes, gowns, and photography.
Without the continuous support of my Grandma Betty, my parents, other relatives, my friends, and my clients, none of this would be possible. I thank the Lord everyday for the blessings he has given me and the talents he has allowed me to utilize. It is at this point in my life that I realize that I am Truly Blessed.

Did I mention I am a huge country music fan? It doesn't matter if the music is old or new, I honestly love it all. From Patsy Cline to this very touching song called "Drink A Beer" by Luke Bryan every bit of country music amazes me, and every time I bake cakes, this is what I listen to.

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