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Hello like in my title my name is Thomas Mercer. Im currently a sophomore at Graceland University. I love to hunt, play games, and to play football. My major is Graphic design and I hope to work with a developing company in the near future. I'm currently a student coach for our football team.

This is Forthood, Killeen, Texas where i was raised for the majority of my life. Starting out it was rough since when i was little i would get pick on and it was a basic "Got to fight to survive" or so to speak. Forthood is the biggest military base in population in the entire country and is still growing in numbers. Its a great place to be, there are so many things to do once you are in the city however some people living there will tell you to not come back.

So once I got over the small little kid phase I ended up growing over a foot over my course of high school to 6foot and was still growing. My sized also helped me with football, who would've known right? Well I've been playing tackle football since I was in the Fourth grade because I had a good deal of anger and I got to go hit someone without getting in trouble (sounds like a deal to me!). This photo is a picture of my Father, sister, and I after one of my high school football games. Football use to be all I ever knew and sometimes I still think that way when i shouldn't. However its a great thing to speak about when I talk to people about it and all the little rough patches I went through to make it where I am today.

Overall the biggest influence on my life is my family. Without them I don't think I would ever get the courage to go out and have fun or take risk. They're everything I have and is the best treasure I love, I would go to the point of saying I would sacrifice myself for them any day and any given moment if it would save them.

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