Hello World

Thomas Mercer's Work

This is one of the very first projects that I worked on in high school. I used photo-shop to create this ,at first for me at that time was very hard however thanks to my friend Google I was able to find neat designs to add that helped creating it. This is also where i really decided that i wanted to mess around with art as my profession in the future.

Ok so this art piece is pretty self explanatory on what it is. My father was in the military and growing up in the military can be very hard. Always having him go over seas was a struggle and at the time since my father was over in Korea I created this for his honor.

So who here is a "Game of Thrones" fan? Well being my favorite show, why not do a piece over my favorite character Jon Snow. This was last semester for my drawing class and the material i used is charcoal and boy was it a pain in my ass. Overall I would say this was a huge transition from my first project to this one.