Mount Massive

Massive Mount Massive

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  • Altitude: 14,421 feet
  • Location: Sawatch Range
  • Rank: 2nd highest
  • Trail Length: 13 miles round trip
  • Elevation Gain: 4,500 feet
  • Summited July 7th, 2008


We started from the trailhead at 6:00am in a light rain. It continued raining for the next two hours as we hiked the up and down trail for three miles. The first three miles were relatively easy because we did not gain hardly any elevation. However, that made the last three miles above treeline challenging. There were no switchbacks and the trail seemed to go straight up. Mount Massive definitely deserves its name! Mount Massive technically has five different peaks and the trail climbed up to the saddle in between the highest peak and one of the sub-peaks. The view at the saddle was worth the grueling climb, but unfortunately we still had another 1/2 mile to go. This last bit, though physically easier, was still challenging. We carefully crossed a small snowfield and then scrambled over rocks up the ridge to the summit. Unfortunately, the summit was extremely cloudy and my brother and I could not even see the rest of our family down the ridge. We took quick pictures of each other holding the summit rod, and then began descending to meet the rest of our family and get below treeline.


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