Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak Pikes Peak

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  • Altitude: 14,110 feet
  • Location: Front Range
  • Rank: 31st Highest
  • Trail Length: 26 miles round trip
  • Elevation Gain: 7,500 feet
  • Two ascents on July 18th, 2001
    and July 14th, 2011

1st Ascent

We did not start up the trail extra early because we planned on doing the hike in two days. The first day we hiked seven miles up to Barr Camp, where we stayed the night. The next morning at sunrise we started up the trail for the last six miles to the summit. The first three miles seemed strangely easy, even though we were now above 10,000 feet. At treeline, with three miles to go, the altitude and fatigue began to hit my 9-year old body and my family pulled ahead of me. A little after noon, I finally reached the summit. We stayed on the top for a half hour, but then quickly began our descent as the daily afternoon thunderstorm began to move in. We all jogged to get below treeline, since lightening at 14,000 feet is extremely dangerous. Thunder at such a high altitude seems 20x louder than it is at home, therefore at this time I developed my phobia of storms and I have been extremely cautious with mountain storms ever since. Several hours, a few falls, and many granola bars later, we finally reached the trailhead.

Pikes Peak2

2nd Ascent

Since we were going to be in the area, my older brother, younger sister, and I decided to climb Pikes Peak again. We were all ten years older, so we knew we could make the hike in one day this time. We started up the trail at 4:30 am to assure we would make the summit before noon. We reached the halfway point, Barr Camp, only three hours later. The next three miles were similar to how I remembered them, and then we reached treeline.There are switchbacks above most of treeline to make it easier, but after already hiking 10 miles and gaining 4,000 feet, everything is hard. Luckily, the weather was clear so I felt comfortable enough to take a break after nearly every switchback. Three hours later, I reached the summmit for the second time.

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