Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much ~ Helen Keller

timeBanking/Lamoni - Guidelines

In order to run efficiently, all organizations need clear-cut guidelines. Over the years, timeBanking/Lamoni has developed a structure to keep it moving forward which is established in the following points:

1. One hour of service provided = one hour earned. Each member decides how and when to spend the banked hours with any other member of timeBanking/Lamoni .

2. When members spend an hour helping another tB/L member, one Time Dollar gets added to that member's account and subtracted from the account of the member who received the service. Half- and quarter-hours can be recorded. Members need to agree on who will record the transaction. Both parties are notified that a transaction has been recorded.

3. Every skill and service is valued at the same level. An hour earned is an hour earned, no matter what the service or skill provided.

4. Time banking is not bartering.

5. A Time Dollar never has a monetary value. Time Dollars operate outside the market economy and track services people provide for each other. Members can trade that Time Dollar earned for any number of services offered by tB/L members.

6. Time Dollars have been ruled tax exempt by the IRS because an hour is always valued at one hour; there is no legal responsibility on anyone's part to redeem a Time Dollar, and the purpose of Time Dollars is charitable.

7. timeBanking/Lamoni serves members within a 10 mile radius of Lamoni. In some cases, members of timeBanking/Lamoni may consider and vote on special requests for membership of persons living beyond the 10 mile radius. Approval will require a two-thirds vote of those in attendance at the meeting where a special request is under consideration.

8. Membership is open to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. tB/L is inclusive of everyone - young and old; everyone has something to offer. Members under 18 require a legal guardian to sign the Liability Waiver.

9. All timeBanking/Lamoni applicants are screened. tB/L checks personal references. Individuals with criminal records are not excluded from tB/L but, depending on the offense and references, may be limited to certain types of participation such as group events and supervised activities. To protect the safety of our members, tB/L errs on the side of caution. If there is any question about a member's posing a threat to the safety of other members, that person will not be given access to the online listings of names and addresses and will only work under supervision.

10. timeBanking/Lamoni strongly believes in safety first. tB/L encompasses a community of trust. If anything goes wrong or feels uncomfortable during an exchange, call off the exchange and report it to the chairperson. The tB/L chairperson will credit the time agreed upon from the organization’s time bank.

11. timeBanking/Lamoni members receive five hours in their time bank upon enrollment.

12. timeBanking/Lamoni requires members to return any messages with requests or offers for service within a few days of receiving them.

13. timeBanking/Lamoni is an affiliate of hOurWorld, and uses the Time and Talents Time Banking Software to list service offers and requests, and to track member balances.

14. Members are allowed to "overdraw" their accounts, but are expected to perform a service for someone else and make a deposit to bring their balances back up before requesting future services.

15. Members may donate time credits to those who need a service but are unable to earn Time Dollars for themselves. To assure consistency and fairness, all contribution must be authorized by a majority vote of those in attendance at the meeting where a special request is under consideration.

16. Services that result in costing real money should be paid for by the person receiving the service (i.e. gas for rides, ingredients for cooking, etc.).

17. Members who recruit a new timeBanking/Lamoni member will receive a five hours credited to their bank.

18. Members who attend a timeBanking/Lamoni organization meeting will receive one hour credited to their bank. Members who host a meeting will also receive one hour credited to their bank.

19. Members take responsibility for their own actions and are required to agree to a liability waiver as part of their membership application. Download the Liability Waiver

20. To encourage participation in support of community non-profit organizations, timeBanking/Lamoni members may agree to extend timeBanking/Lamoni hours to members who volunteer to help non-time/Banking organizations up to two (2) hours per month. Approval will require a two-thirds vote of those in attendance at the meeting where a special request is under consideration.

These guidelines are subject to change and new guidelines may be added from time to time by a two-thirds vote of those in attendance at a meeting of the whole where guidelines changes are under consideration and with prior notice.